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BR EV 05 01On a late and sunny September afternoon, the small sitting room at Glendale House is drenched in a warm golden light, flowing through the French windows. The room is decorated with light-coloured wainscoting and assorted furniture in XVIIIth century French style, collected with a discerning taste by successive Ashley generations. An elegant black French Regency desk, embellished with gilded bronze, faces the garden. Opposite the mantelpiece are a Louis XV couch and assorted armchairs, upholstered in stiched tapestry displaying large blue and yellow leafy patterns.

Lady Alexandra is expecting Charles Carrington, a long-standing friend and antique dealer in Chelsea, drawn to pretty women, vintage sports cars and gin and tonic. This seemingly straightforward invitation is perceived as being of vital impoBR EV 05 02rtance by the mistress of the house, as it will mark Beatrice’s first appearance in public. A restricted public, for sure, and one whose leniency may be relied upon, but the exercise is a test nevertheless. Lady Alexandra is eager to observe for real the behaviour of her servant and the reactions she will generate.

Anticipating this event, she has overseen personally each and every detail, paying particular attention to her French maid’s special “guest” uniform. This is designed at fanning both the desire of men and the jealousy of women. The dressing session has therefore witnessed the customary last-minute recommendations, Lady Alexandra emphasizing the opportunity thus afforded to her servant to display the very best of herself while doing credit to her mistress.

- [The bell rings] “There, there, Madam, I will open at once”

Having adjusted her short white apron one last time, Beatrice trots out of the room just as she has been taught. Having reached the door, she shows in Charles Carrington, smiling politely at him. She immediately perceives in his eyes an expression of interest going beyond simple courtesy. He follows her to the small sitting room. While she takes care to walk with her head held straight, her chest thrown out and her loins arched, she is aware of a pair of eyes scrutinizing her back and stripping her from head to foot.

- How delightful to see you again, Alexandra, it’s as if I had left you yesterday, you haven’t changed, you’re looking splendid!

Lady Alexandra and Charles embrace warmly, like close friends who have shared passions. Beatrice remains standing, her armBR EV 05 03s along her body and her eyes lowered.

- Neither have you, Charles, as ever the charmer!

They sit down and the conversation starts rolling on the mildness of the weather, the delights of Highcrest, the elegance of the decoration, the harmony of the grounds…

- [Charles, his eyes glued to Beatrice’s legs as she walks away to the kitchen] Your house isn’t the only ravishing object around! [Lady Alexandra pretends to pay no notice, disappointing her guest] Has your faithful Emily left you?

- [Lady Alexandra, deliberately avoiding the question] Sadly, yes, I knew you would miss her!

Beatrice returns, bearing a silver tray with a Minton China tea set, decorated in “Blue Willow” patterns, and an assortment of scones, muffins and other cakes.

- Well Beatrice, what are you waiting for? Put the tray down.

- Yes, Madam. [The maid, who has learnt her lesson, takes care not to bend her knees and leans as far forward as she can while keeping her legs tightly together, thus largely revealing her bosom. As agreed, she remains deliberately in this position, pretending to ignore the interest she generates]

- [Charles, fascinated] All considered, Alexandra, I do believe this is a change for tBR EV 05 04he better! [He cannot resist slipping a hand into the girl’s cleavage and stroking the firm and tantalizing breasts innocently offered to him like ripe fruit ready to be plucked. He rolls the tips between his fingers and pinches them to feel them harden and rise under his touch]

Beatrice remains unmoved. She does her job as she has been taught, discreetly and efficiently. She gives Charles a cup, and places before him a desert plate with a slice of rhubarb pie.

- [Charles, taking the initiative at once] Beatrice, I have a feeling we have met before… or is that just an impression?

- If I had really met you, Sir, I would no doubt have left more than an impression!

- [Alexandra] Beatrice, I forbid you to speak in this tone!

- [Charles] Please, Alexandra, I really enjoy spontaneity, humour and a quick repartee. Beatrice has plenty of all three, not forgetting charm either.

- [Alexandra] Beatrice, go to my room and bring back the Christies’ sales catalogue, there’s something I want to show Mr. Carrington.

The maid leaves the room, swinging her hips under Charles’ delighted gaze, while Lady Alexandra silently relishes the scene. Beatrice returns a few minutes later and places the catalogue on the table, once again bowing deeply.

- Beatrice, you have a ravishing little behind! [Raising the back of her skirt, Charles strokes her buttocks lovingly. His fingers venture under the knickers, snap the elastic band several times on the tender skin, then pull both sides closer to turn the knickers into a thong]

- [Lady Alexandra opens the catalogue] Charles, give me your opinion about this Boukhara carpet. I find it magnificent!

- I’m so sorry Alexandra, my mind was elsewhere and I must have left my glasses in the car.

- [Alexandra, delighted bBR EV 05 05y this unforeseen hitch] Beatrice, quickly go and fetch Mr. Carrington’s glasses.

The maid once again trots away to the entrance hall, taking care to remain within Charles’ sight. She seems to be enjoying herself a lot and even gives the impression of attempting to make her mistress jealous rather than to obey her. Once back, she places the case on the table.

- Don’t move! [Beatrice is leaning forward, her buttocks in the air and her back turned on Charles. His hand slips between her thighs and his fingers linger around the pubic mound, feeling it through the thin cotton of her knickers. The maid appears to enjoy his touch, as Charles feels the material dampening fast] Alexandra, I envy you!

- [Alexandra, knowingly] Beatrice, turn towards Mr. Carrington and lower your knickers to your knees.

- But, Madam…

- There are no “buts”, do as you are told! [Beatrice raises her dress, her cheeks suddenly flushed. She cannot hide the damp patch between her legs and is reluctant to obey fully]

- I said down to your knees! [Crestfallen, the maid obeys with her eyes shut]

- Splendid! You were quite right to have her shaved, she’s a real treat!

Charles’ slim flinger slips in, parting her lips, penetrating her delicately and beginnning to move in and out regularly. Beatrice tries hard not to cry out, especially when she feels that finger leave its first abode to continue upwards between her buttocks. She looks imploringly at Lady AlexandBR EV 05 06ra. But her mistress simply smiles through several long, silent minutes. Finally, she speaks again.

- That’s enough, Beatrice, re-arrange your clothes and pour us more tea.

Relieved, the maid gets back to work but, disconcerted by what has just happened, upsets the sugar bowl, spilling its contents over the floor.

- Oh, excuse me Sir [On all fours, she rushes to retrieve the lumps. Charles takes advantage of this new opportunity to toy with her luscious curves]

- [Alexandra] I’m sorry, Charles, I should have left her in the pantry. I thought she was ready, but she still has a lot to learn. Come here, you clumsy wench! [She grabs the girl firmly by the wrist and lies her swiftly across her knees, chest low and legs off the ground] Charles, you are my guest, would you like to mete out the punishment?

- That’s too kind, Alexandra, but you are much better at these things and I prefer to watch!

- Oh no, Madam, I beg of you, not in front of Mr. Carrington!

- On the contrary, and what is more, with your knickers down, to make you feel really ashamed, I want you to remember this for a long, long time! [She lowers the girl’s knickers half-way down her thighs] Sit down opposite her, Charles, you’ll be far more comfortable on the couch.

- [Charles] Alexandra, do me a favour, take all your time, punish her firmly but slowly. I would like to watch those dainty legs of hers wiggling in the air and hear her screaming like a little girl.

- Of course, Charles, your pleasure is mine!

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