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BR EV 12 01As announced, Lady Alexandra is implementing her “Gwendoline” plan, based on daily stretching exercizes designed to gradually “distend” her maid. Beatrice suffers from this painful and humiliating ordeal, and above all fears having to put up with it a lot longer.

- [Lady Alexandra, untying her maid from the pole] Show me what you look like this morning!

- I am sure it’s improved quite a bit, Madam.

- It’s not for you to say! [The hand of the mistress of the house vanishes behind Beatrice’s back. The girl feels an acute pain, as she does whenever someone touches that area] No, it’s almost the same, we really aren’t making much progress, Harry was right, you’re still too tight, drastic measures are required. George, now where on earth has he gone?

- [Creeping up softly from the back of the room] Madam summoned me?BR EV 12 02

- Yes George, bring me my chest, you know, the Macassar ebony one.

- Yes Madam.

The butler returns a short while later, holding in his white gloved hands a precious wood chest, dark brown with black grain, its lid set with floral adornments in citrus wood, maple and ivory inlay, done in the same shades as the central pattern, representing the arms of the Ashley family. He places it carefully on a side table, next to Lady Alexandra, who opens it solemnly. The chest features two compartments. One contains an assortment of small chains and leather belts, the second a series of black resin rods, shaped like erect sexes and carefully aligned, from the slimmest to the thickest. The mistress of the house catches herself smiling while contemplating this row of stiff phalluses, whose common feature is to flare out at their base, thus preventing them from riding up inside the body and allowing the ring-shaped muscle to close instead of remaining open and stretched. She caresses each tip sensuously, concentrating on the choice of the most suitable specimen, and finally opts for a medium-large one.

- Yes, I know, this one is a little larger than the standard size, but you must prepare for all contingencies! Come along now, turn round.

- Oh Madam, you’re going to hurt me again!

- That’s for sureBR EV 12 03, if you continue to complain! Be content with obeying! Spread your legs and lean forwards. Yes, further, break in two and grab your ankles in your hands.

Despite the discomfort of her position, head down, Beatrice, from between her legs, watches her mistress remove the top of a Murano filigreed glass ointment jar. Her slim fingers skim the surface and collect a blob of cream. Despite the ice-cold contact, the maid keeps silent and motionless, while the outside and inside of her little hole are gently but promptly smeared. The dildo is then positioned in place and, after a brief hesitation to find its way, firmly and suddenly driven home. Beatrice cries out and stiffens.

- That’s it, my sweet, it’s almost over, don’t go tight, on the contrary, push with your hips, there, continue, just a little more, that’s much better!

Her face scarlet, her eyes misty with tears and her legs trembling, Beatrice feels the phallus, unbearably large and hard, slide into her and move painfully in and out between Lady Alexandra’s fingers.

- Well George, that’s exactly what I feared, I see no end to our troubles! There, your turn, tell me what you think.

The butler, hardly believing his ears, prepares to drop his trousers, but Lady Alexandra, realizing his mistake, deters him at once.

- George, when I say “your turn”, it’s a way of speaking. Beatrice is still far too narrow for you. We shall accustom her gradually to a weapon of your size, but we must still wait a little.BR EV 12 04

- I am most impatient to try!

- That’s normal enough, George, Miss Beatrice will do her utmost to grant you such a favour very soon, won’t you, my sweet?

The girl prefers not to answer. The rod resumes its movements, but this time on a more virile tempo. The maid feels as if it continues moving inside her, even when the butler takes a nasty pleasure in pulling it almost entirely out, not so much to relieve her but to generate an unwieldy, unbearable emptiness, before ramming the dildo back home even deeper, to the hilt, thrusting in and out, toiling away at her and stretching her. Stuffed, impaled, she feels a burning heat in her loins. They are reduced to a trembling mouth, with white-hot lips, tightly closed around this inescapable new gag.

- As Madam is kindly asking for my advice, I believe Miss Beatrice could accommodate one or two sizes larger, but no more. She should be in full working order, as it were, in a week.

- Do you think so? I was planning to put her through the full cycle, all the way to the extra large one.

- If I may be so bold, Madam, I would be inclined not to recommend such an approach. By stretching her too much, you might deprive your guests of some of theiBR EV 12 05r pleasure. Conversely, if you kept her just a trifle tight, they would greatly enjoy feeling a slight resistance and hurting her a little. Preserve her “innocence”, it suits her so well!

- You surprise me George, this is the second time in just a few days that you make bright remarks!

- Madam is too kind!

- [Lady Alexandra, showing the maid the accessories drawn from the chest] Now that we have chosen the right size, you shall keep it all day deep inside your little bottom, thanks to these three chains. I will fix them on a leather belt around your waist. In this way, you will be unable to expel the dildo.

A chain is then inserted along the crack between Beatrice’s buttocks, while the other two follow diagonally the fold of her thighs, on either side of the triangle below her belly, leaving free access to her pelvis, should anyone wish to penetrate it.

- There my pet, this minimal thong is truly delightful! [The gold-coloured chains stand out and shine on the tanned flesh, framing like a casket the pink lips, carefully shaved] It suits you perfectly! Tomorrow, I will inflict you with a larger size and by the end of the week, you should be quite ready. We could stage a small party with a fewBR EV 12 06 friends to celebrate the event, what do you think?

Beatrice remains silent. Large tears roll down her cheeks. Her heart beats wildly. The grain of her skin has become moist. The rod pushes her upwards, obliging her to stand on tiptoe to alleviate the pain – but to no avail. When moving around the room, she feels as if the phallus she is impaled upon were growing larger and larger inside her, poking her and exciting her as if it had its own life. As if she deliberately took part in her own torture through the movements of her body.

- Excellent! Come along now, walk to the door and back! This exercize will do you a world of good. Not only will it make you more “welcoming”, but it will also oblige you to feel as if you had a man’s cock in you at all times, so that you’ll think of nothing else but holding it tightly between your buttocks, your thighs or your lips.

- [George] May I remind Madam that Mister Harry also recommended that Miss Beatrice be accustomed to keeping her breasts erect?

- Really, George, I cannot get over it, you amaze me today! You are completely right, what on earth was I thinking of? Come here, Beatrice!

Lady Alexandra once again inspects her chest and picks out two metal clamps that she places on her maid’s nipples, after having made them harden between her fingers. The girl grimaces with pain but the mistress of the house pays no attention. She then fixes a short golden chain to each of the clamps and connects them tightly upwards, in a triangular shape, to the ring on the girl’s dog collar. Then, with a third chain, she compresses both breasts together at their base. The result is almost immediate. The nipples promptly swell up and arrogantly display their erect tips.

- Just look in the mirror how pretty you are, a real little Barbie doll! You are going to be a real head-turner, don’t you think, George?

- Oh yes, Madam, undoubtedly, Miss Beatrice will be a wild success!

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  • Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
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