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BR EV 11 01The scene takes place in the small sitting-room, the day after Harry, Lady Alexandra’s assayer, has evaluated the physical abilities of her maid.

- Beatrice, one must strike while the iron is hot.

- I beg your pardon, Madam?

- Do you recall the “Doctor’s” recommendations, after he examined you?

- He found me too tight, Madam, but I did not quite understand what he meant.

- Well, you soon will, my pet, come close to me, don’t be afraid, turn round and lean forwards. [To ensure her permanent availability during working hours, she has obliged her maid to no longer wear any underpants and to hook her stockings directly, in front and on the sides, to the four suspenders on her corset] I’ll never tire of contemplating your luscious curves [She strokes them at length], soft and smooth like those of a little girl.

Her finger slips in between the girl’s buttocks and penetrates her delicately.

- … But, Madam!

- Don’t stand up, little goose, the Doctor is quite right, I thought you had made progress on that front, but you are still too tight indeed, I’ll have to attend to this.

- Oh no, Madam, you won’t do me harm, will you?

- I have no need for your opinion! On the contrary, it will do you good, and you’ll feel so much better afterwards. But to this end, you will have to do some stretching exercizes.BR EV 11 02

- Gymnastics?

- Yes, in a way. George? Now where on earth has he vanished again? [Lurking in the shadows, behind the mistress of the house, the butler pops out like a jack-in-the-box]. Ah, there you are, George, you frightened me, I cannot help feeling you do so on purpose!

- Excuse me Madam, such was not my intention.

- Well, George, have you installed what I requested?

- Yes, Madam.

The butler moves to a corner of the room and, removing a folding screen of black Coromandel lacquer, discloses a vertical wood column, fixed to the floor and the ceiling, a short distance from the wall. In a groove extending from top to bottom, a sort of metal rack rail has been fitted. It is fitted with a right-angled part, also made of metal, that can be adjusted height-wise by sliding it up and down the rail.

- What is this, MadBR EV 11 03am?

- It’s high time you knew, it’s a Gwendoline pole. I don’t need to explain how it works, you’re going to find out for yourself! George, help me prepare her.

Lady Alexandra fixes a pair of black leather cuffs, fitted with rings, to the maid’s wrists, while the butler, on his knees but mainly engaged in looking under the girl’s skirt, is expected to do likewise with her ankles. She then chooses carefully a four inch dildo, coated in black leather, and fixes it to the mobile part designed to fit into it.

- Come here.

As if she were a condemned person being led to the execution post, Lady Alexandra moves Beatrice up against the pole, back first, then connects the rings on her cuffs around it. Having massaged her anus to distend it, she moves the angled support upwards and introduces the tip of the dilo between the girl’s buttocks.

- Show me how tall you are, my sweet, stand on tiptoe [The maid obeys without thinking and Lady Alexandra swiftly locks the dildo as high as possible]. There, that’s perfect!

- [Hurt by this foreign body that suddenly penetrates her] Oh, Madam, this is painful, it’s too large!

- Stop being a cry-baby! If you think I’m going to change my mind, you’re mistaken. I have tried a medium-sized type on you to begin with, an ordinary cock, as it were. It’s to get you accustomed to the feeling. I have much larger samples. Before long, you’ll be penetrated in this manner by the sex of my guests. I will ask them to queue up behind you and take turns in fucking you!BR EV 11 04

What with wriggling and tiring of remaining on tiptoe to try and alleviate the pain that pierces her, Beatrice ends up with the dildo driven inside her to the hilt. She realizes that her fruitless efforts to get free only worsen her predicament. Her cheeks flush. Her eyes turn misty. She is about to burst into tears.

- Well, my sweet, how do you feel? Do you know what you remind me of? A plump little quail, ready to be roasted on its spit!

- Oh Madam, please don’t make fun of me, I’m not pretending, I feel utterly stretched and impaled.

- It’s not a feeling, Beatrice, it’s the truth and the more you wriggle, the more you’ll suffer.

The mistress of the house collects some additional leather straps and ties her maid’s neck and waist to the pole.

- Consider yourself lucky, for a first time, that I didn’t force you. I could have been less lenient. Just wait, in a few days, you won’t even notice any longer. Think of something else and be quiet, that’s the best thing toBR EV 11 05 do.

- I can’t stand it any longer, Madam, oh please, untie me!

- Now listen to me carefully: from now on, you’ll get up one hour earlier every morning and I will tie you to this post before you start your work. Understood?

- Oh no, Madam!

Fed up, Lady Alexandra seizes a black leather gag. The outside is shaped like a small padded heart, whereas the inside is fitted with a very short, but enormously wide, rubber glans. She forces it in between the girl’s lips, before she has time to utter a cry of protest, and ties the leather strap behind Beatrice’s head. The gag fills her mouth, without penetrating it too deeply.

- In this way, I shan’t hear you any longer, or rather, yes, I want to hear you suck that cock like the little slut you are!

Beatrice’s cheeks and lips begin moving, producing a slight succion noise, just like a greedy baby suckling her bottle.

- Continue like that without stopping! You’re now stuffed on all sides, my pet, that’ll teach you to stand up to me! In any case, it’s high time you learnt to suck while being taken from the front or from behind. I warn you, if I hear one single complaint again, I’ll shove in an even bigger one between your legs, and leave you like that for another hour!

Perched on tiptoe, her breasts jutting forwards, her full red cheeks filled by the thick cock she is sucking, the maid rolls pleading eyes towards her mistress. The latter, provocatively, hitches up the front of the girl’s skirt to exhibit the naked top of her thighs and her shaved pelvis.

- How do you like her, George?

- I find Miss Beatrice most cute.BR EV 11 06

- So do I. Unfold the screen, George, we shall leave Miss Beatrice, as you call her, to her meditations. I am sure she’ll have calmed down in an hour!

- If Madam permits me, may I suggest she leave the screen open; in this way Madam may observe the girl at leisure and Miss Beatrice will remain exposed for all to see.

- Why, you are quite right, George, after all, you sometimes do talk sense!

- Thank you Madam, Madam is too kind.

- George, I cannot stay, so please remain here and keep an eye on the lass [She doesn’t believe a word she says], I trust you.

- Madam has no cause for concern, I will take charge of everything.

Knowing the perversity of the butler, and afraid to remain powerless and alone with him, Beatrice rolls terrified eyes towards her mistress. Vague mutterings seep through her gag, but Lady Alexandra chooses to ignore them and leaves the room, smiling.

- See you later, my pet, behave yourself, I want to find you here as good as gold…

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  • : Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
  • : 27/04/2010
  • Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
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  • : A few striking developments in the life of Beatrice, a debutant French maid who has recently entered the service of Lady Alexandra, her severe mistress.
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