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BR EV 06 01Young William is having a few weeks holidays at his aunt’s, in Glendale. Released from the austere college where he is studying, and where women are almost non-existent, he has quickly fallen for Beatrice. The girl, on her side, does nothing to discourage him. Taking advantage of her nephew’s presence, Lady Alexandra decides to teach her maid some specific practical tasks.

- [The mistress of the house is sitting in an armchair, with Beatrice standing by her side] Beatrice, it’s high time I completed your education. To begin with, I will teach you how to masturbate a man. You’ll see, it’s like cycling, you don’t forget and it always comes in useful.

- [Thrilled] Oh yes, Madam, Madam is so kind!BR EV 06 02

- [Lady Alexandra, turning to her nephew] Come here, you little virgin, make yourself useful for once!

- [William] But, my aunt…

- Come here and keep quiet, you will stand between the two of us and you, Beatrice, come and sit next to me. Start with this position, but another time, there’s nothing to stop you standing or kneeling before your partner.

- [William] But, my aunt, what are you doing?

- You’ll soon see, stand straight, watch the birdie [Smile]! Beatrice, never forget a crucial point: a well brought-up gentleman will always shy away from undoing his trousers before a woman; therefore, it’s up to you to take the initiative. Apply the palm of your hand delicately to his chest and inch down slowly, and very lightly, to his fly.

- Like this, madam?

- No, that’s much too fast, slowly! You have plenty of time, you must create the atmosphere and let him feel comfortable with you. Once your hand is on him, it must remain there right up to the end.

- Yes, Madam

- Watch what I do. Once I have reached his crotch, I increase the pressure slightly, to spot the prick. It’s still «asleep». Once that’s done, I rub my hand up and down over the whole length of the cock, then I leave it to explore the inside of his thighs, before starting all over again. There, touch it, do you feel it beginning to stir?

- Oh yes, Madam

- Now it’s your turn, carry oBR EV 06 03n. Without hurrying, lower his zip and slip your hand inside his trousers to massage him more closely. First do it through his underpants, taking care not to let anything show. He’ll feel as if he’s still dressed [smile] and then, if he looks responsive, take things directly into your hands.

- But Madam, there’s nothing happening!

- Don’t worry, that’s quite normal at the outset. Just continue calmly, slowly, don’t display any impatience. Perhaps he’s a little surprised or puzzled. It’s up to you to make him feel comfortable and to prove you’re after his own pleasure.

- But how, Madam?

- Certainly not by carrying on like this, you’re not polishing the hand-rails! Besides being after his own pleasure, you must above all show that you too are enjoying yourself! Now, endeavour to smile as much as you can. For example, take a mischievous look while you lower his trousers and underpants to his ankles. Knowing you, you’ll have no trouble finding falsely naïve or impish poses. The ideal would be to pretend you are discovering an erect cock for the first time. It shoulBR EV 06 04d be child’s play for a comedian like you !

- Oh, Madam!

- Don’t look innocent, you know exactly what I mean! Your ecstasy will flatter him. So, never lower your eyelids, keep a light smile on your lips and from time to time, look him straight in the eye. He must read in your own eyes that you love what you are doing to him and that his pleasure will be a gift destined to you.

- [The maid, blushing] I can feel it growing bigger and harder!

- Don’t look at me, you should be talking to him!

- This is magnificent.

- Undoubtedly, Beatrice, but do remain concentrated, you must learn to control the situation at all times. Now he is visibly aroused, you can afford to let him desire you a little longer. Look, my hand creeps along his stomach, as far as his bush, taking care to untangle it with my fingers. I then place my hand inside his thighs, and feel the same warmth as if I was being caressed there, just above my stockings. I continue to drift around and move inwards, until I reach his firm little buttocks, stroking them at length. Then I return to the front, delicately palm his balls, weigh them in my hands and tease their underpart with my nails. You see, he’s standing at attention, like a good little soldier!

- And then?

- Then, we reach a crucial stage. It requires infinite care. To clear the glans properly, I gently pull back the skin, bit by bit, until the tip of his cock is completely exposed. The foreskin must be completely rolled bBR EV 06 05ack behind the ridge of the glans, so that it remains uncovered. You can then fondle it, but always gently, touching it with the inside of your palm, or stroking it with your fingers and teasing it with your nails.

- [William] My aunt, I beg of you!

- Will you please stay still, I feel you so tense [smile]. Beatrice, if your partner’s hard-on is as fine as this young man’s, play at getting him to stand up and beg! Invite him to hold his cock as erect as possible, by beckoning with your finger, like a tamer who teaches a cock to rise before a lady. If he is obedient, you can pretend to embrace him or place a little kiss on the tip of his cock, to thank him.

- Is that all, Madam?

- Of course not, little goose, you’re always too quick! While your hand is busy with his shaft, don’t forget to slide the other one over his chest, then down to his balls to stroke them. Of course, from time to time, catch his cock between both your hands. Roll it as you would with pastry, or rub it as if you were trying to get a spark for lighting a fire! Encourage him. You must convince him to give you even more and that you will be satisfied only when he has exploded between your fingers. As if it all came from him, now is the time to invite him to offer you the sight of his pleasure.

- But Madam, there’s nothing happening!

- Well, remain collected. If you want to avoid failure, you must absolutely refrain from showing any signs of impatience. Therefore, make up your mind to use your wrist and be even more attentivBR EV 06 06e and smiling.

- I would like to let him look at my thighs and knickers, may I, Madam?

- Of course, you little slut, that’s an excellent idea to accelerate the final explosion, but you must also increase the tempo. To enhance his pleasure, circle his member firmly with your fingers, just below the glans, as if you were grasping a trophy and keep speeding up your up-and-down movement. Forget refinements, at this stage, they’re no longer needed. Be content with a purely mechanical gesture and concentrate on admiring the results of the happy outcome: his breath getting shorter, his balls bobbing, the purple colour of his glans, the final swelling of his cock. A man about to come between the hands of a woman is indeed a fine sight!

- Oh yes, Madam, he is definitely coming!

- That’s the first spurt, carry on, above all don’t stop, it isn’t over yet, move with him and enjoy the show! The strength and length of his pleasure will reward your know-how.

- Madam, my blouse is stained all over!

- Don’t you worry, you have done fine for a first time! Now, slow down and stop gradually. Don’t remove your hand yet. Leave it on his cock until you feel it start to shrink. The charm must not be broken too hastily. And in the meantime, congratulate him. There’s no need to ask him if it was good, that’s obvious, but tell him it was beautiful and thank him. He will be both enraptured and grateful.

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  • : Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
  • : 27/04/2010
  • Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
  • :
  • : A few striking developments in the life of Beatrice, a debutant French maid who has recently entered the service of Lady Alexandra, her severe mistress.
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