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BR EV 09 01Lady Alexandra is having her French friend Marie-Gabrielle de B. to stay for a weekend. They used to attend art classes together at the Ecole du Louvre, when Alexandra was a student in Paris. Marie-Gabrielle is now a clothes designer for a leading haute couture house. Dark-haired, very elegant, a trifle snobbish, she could have become a model. She has the figure and deportment for it, a blend of natural ease and calculated restraint, sprinkled with an original touch of fancy. Undoubtedly, she is more comfortable in a cocktail than in the countryside. Impeccably made-up, her nails painted, surrounded by a cloud of oriental and sensual perfume, she is seated on the couch in the small living-room, her legs crossed. The raw silk colour of her suit enhances her tan. Her spencer, short and taken in at the waist, elegantly discloses her neck and the sweep of her shoulders. It is closed by a parrot-shaped button, fluorescent green and yellow, incongruous-looking but placed there to unconsciously draw the eye to her cleavage. A scent of Virginia tobacco pervades the room. It’s September. While the logs crackle in the fire-place, Lady Alexandra has left her guest for a few minutes to give instructions to her maid.

- You know, Beatrice, my friend will be delighted to meet you. It’s a unique opportunity to improve your education. But I must warn you, she adores the company of attractive women. I think you’re going to appeal to her enormously. Therefore, expect her to make passes at you and to ask that you be most… attentive to her, if you see what I mean.

- I see perfectly, Madam, but I won’t know what to do, a man would certainly be far more suitable.

- Will you just forget men for a while! Most of them know nothing. All they want is to get their ownBR EV 09 02 pleasure, rather than give it. Only a woman can experience that type of feeling and share it with another woman.

- I will endeavour to do my best, Madam.

- Don’t worry, I’ll be there to guide you. What is more, you cannot argue, this is an order. Never forget you are here as a maid of all work. Of all work, did you hear?

- Yes, Madam.

- And that my guests, be they male or female, have full rights. They can ask you anything they fancy. You are simply here to satisfy them.

- Right, Madam.

- In any case, if you manage as well as with men, I’ll have nothing to teach you. [The mistress of the house slips her hand under the front of her maid’s skirt] Have you already caressed another woman?

- Err… yes, Madam, my best friend, when I was in boarding school, at night in the dormitory.

- [Lady Alexandra’s invisible hand becomes more insistent] And you enjoyed it, didn’t you?

- Oh yes, Madam.

BR EV 09 03- I knew it, You’re nothing but a little slut. Mind you, that’s precisely why I hired you. Meanwhile, get your clothes into order, adjust your apron, check your hair and join us at once.

A few minutes later, her breasts jutting forward, prim on her stiletto heels, her short black skirt barely hiding the top of her thighs, Beatrice steps into the room. Her “appearance” suddenly interrupts the conversation. Marie-Gabrielle hurriedly puts down her cup of tea, while a beam comes across her face.

- Come here, don’t pretend to be shy, I won’t eat you!

While Beatrice moves closer, their eyes gauge one another. Fascinated by the magnetic gaze of pupils that bore into her without blinking, the maid feels stripped from head to foot.

- Well, my pet, what are you waiting for, remove your blouse and your skirt!

Lady Alexandra, who has remained silent, frowns imperceptibly, signalling to Beatrice that she must obey. The girl is soon standing in a brassiere and white knickers. Contrary to what she was expecting, the presence of this beautiful woman, sitting before her, does not leave her cold and she begins to feel a slight uneasiness. Impatiently, Marie-Gabrielle pulls the front of the maid’s knickers away and slips first one, then two fingers into her sex. The girl blushes deeply. Ashamed, she closes her thighs but is prevented from doing so.

- Will you please spread your legs and stand straight!

The caresses continue, interminably. Marie-Gabrielle delights in toying with the tender inner lips, forcing them to open wide. Then, turning the maid around, she pulls the knickers together between her buttocks. Increasingly confused, the young girl feels a damp and gentle warmth bathe her vulva. The guest pretends not to notice and, pressing home, also pulls the material upwards, in front,BR EV 09 04 uncovering Beatrice’s shaved sex and its pink lips. She plays at sliding the material backwards and forwards, to excite the girl further. As her intimacy increasingly dampens the material, Beatrice feels her throat tighten.

- It’s good, isn’t it?

- Oh yes, Madam!

Marie-Gabrielle, who is also beginning to feel tense, stands up and like a model on a fashion show cat-walk, gracefully removes her jacket before sitting down again. The transparent material of her black brassiere reveals firm breasts with wide brown halos.

- Don’t stay still like that, get down on your knees and show me what you can do.

Beatrice obeys. She takes care that each of her gestures is as sensual as a caress. The skirt slithers down on a silk-like skin. Her mistress’ friend wears nothing else now but a black and transparent garter-belt.BR EV 09 05 Holding up a pair of see-through stockings, it frames the carefully cropped fur of her pubic mound, like an engraving. Legs spread, eyes half-closed, Marie-Gabrielle smiles. The maid’s hands begin to explore her all over. One of them grasps her breast, feels it, and rolls the tips between its fingers until she feels them harden. With its sharp nails, the other scratches the inside of her thighs, where the skin is most tender.

- Go on!

The fingers continue on their course, delicately brushing the pubic mound, stroking the fur, slowing down ever so gently, making it unbearable to wait and heightening desire, before slipping inside the moist sex and delicately skimming the pearly bud of flesh, causing it to swell. They withdraw briefly, as if it was all over, just as the sex opens and shuts, like a mouth deprived of tender kisses, then return and increase their pressure, while tweaking the small lips to close them.

- Stop, I can’t bear it any longer!

Beatrice, excited by her groans, smiles and continues. Her face is now deep between the woman’s thighs, drawn by the powerful fragrance – a blend of coriander and patchouli – of the pubic hair. Marie-Gabrielle cries out when the maid, delicately parting the finely rimmed lobes of the small lips, begins titillating, sucking and slowly biting the crest of flesh connecting them. Ignoring the young woman’s protests, which she perceives as encouragements, Beatrice draws out the ordeal for several, long minutes. Her tongue darts in and out, vanishes, returns, surrounds, draws in. Feeling the crest hardened and close to its white-hot climax, she increases the tempo of her caresses and gets a naughty kick out of pushing Marie-Gabrielle into a state of gasping, heart-pounding, delirium, until suddenly, her breasts erect, her body writhing, she collapses, moist with pleasure, with a loud roar.

While the young woman gradually comes around, Beatrice lies prone on the rug at her feet, quivering, legs apart. With both her hands, she has pulled her sex wide open to disclose the fleshy mound which enflames her, deliberately offered whole, in exchange, to the quivering look, bite, touch of a mouth or a sex.

- [Beatrice, imploring her mistress’ friend] Oh Madam, please, be kind, you canBR EV 09 06’t possibly leave me like this!

- [Lady Alexandra, stepping in] Beatrice, you have spoilt my friend to such an extent that she’s no longer fit to look after you! But don’t worry, I know someone who will gladly accept to take care of you, instead of her. Just wait a moment! George? George? Now where on earth has he vanished again?

- [The butler, who has understood perfectly what is expected of him] Madam called me?

- Yes George, you can do me a small favour. I would like you to take Beatrice from behind, right now, before us, and make her come. It’s her turn and she really deserves it! Beatrice, did you hear? Get on all fours quickly, part your legs and raise your head!

- [George] This is no small favour, Madam, rather a great pleasure.

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  • : Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
  • : 27/04/2010
  • Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
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  • : A few striking developments in the life of Beatrice, a debutant French maid who has recently entered the service of Lady Alexandra, her severe mistress.
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