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BR EV 10 01- Beatrice, do you remember what I told you the very first day, when I hired you?

- Yes, Madam, you told me that you relied upon me not to disappoint you.

- That’s true, but I also said something else. I said that I was hiring you on trial for a few months and that I would take my final decision thereafter.

- Oh Madam, you aren’t going to dismiss me, are you?

- For the time being, nothing has been decided. Everything shall depend upon the outcome of your post-internship examination.

- Is that a medical examination, Madam?

- Well, that’s one way of putting it. The “doctor” is here, right next door.

Having been discreetly summoned by Lady Alexandra, George, the butler, introduces Harry, her dedicated “assayer”, into the small sitting room. A gigantic colossus, almost entirely naked, appears in the doorway. The impression of power he radiates is emphasized by an uncommon set of muscles: wide shoulders, a glistening torso, bulging pectorals, salient biceps, tense abdominal muscles, a trapezium-shaped back, the thighs of a wrestler.

He walks slowly and solemnly into the room and takes up a position to the right of the mistress of the house, legs apart, arms crossed on his chest. His defiant attitude is reminiscent of an executioner standing on the platform, resting upon his axe, with fixed and haughty eyes looking over the crowd.BR EV 10 02 His body is entirely hairless, including his skull, polished like a billiard ball, and the red leather mask that covers the top of his head enhances the mobility of his eyes. His only piece of clothing is a very indented thong, also red, whose strass-studded zip-fly sports a large metal ring. Lady Alexandra takes pleasure in slowly pulling it downwards under the gaze of her maid, revealing an exceptional endowment: a huge cock, long and thick, slightly turgid, framed by a pair of gigantic testicles. All this carefully shaven, emphasizing its uncommon dimensions.

- But Madam, I’ve never seen a doctor like this!

- Well, it’s about time, Beatrice! For now, you must be obedient and begin by removing your clothes. Harry will examine you.

The maid stands in the middle of the room, embarrassed, her cheeks flushed. Modestly, she has kept her underpants on and protects her breasts with her hands to hide their shape. While the colossus moves forwarBR EV 10 03d, she keeps her eyes down and sees his enormous sex come closer to her. She shivers all over when he grabs her arms to fold them across her back. His huge paws press her breasts together, fondle them, raise them. Beatrice feels her heart beating faster. She swallows with difficulty. Her throat tightens. The assayer has now seized her nipples to pinch and roll them between his fingers. The maid bites her lips to avoid crying out. Her breasts soon become erect. The giant increases his pressure to watch them swell. His hand then moves up to Beatrice’s face and forces her mouth open. His little finger parts the lips and dwells upon the tongue, which pops up like the beak of a young bird out of the nest. The forefinger takes over, followed by the thumb. As if it were quite natural, Beatrice starts sucking it slowly, her eyes closed, and leans forward without realizing when Harry moves his hand back slightly.

- Let’s see the nether parts.

While Beatrice remains standing, her hands behind her back, Harry sits down, pulls on the elastic band of the knickers and slides them down to the girl’s ankles, admiring as he does so a slim waist, shapely hips, fine legs, a round and completely shaved pelvic mound. He parts her legs roughly. Two fingers open her lips, as one would raise the gills of a fish on a market stall, to check its freshness, before continuing their clinical examination: upon being touched, the small erectile organ appears suitably developed, the entrance to the vagina, for its part, is narrow and already well lubricated.

- Lie down

Beatrice instantly finds herself lying across Harry’s knees, her buttocks offered. The giant strokes them at length to enjoy their shape, before testing their firmness by smacking them several times, firmly and noisily. The girl reacts at once by wriggling energetically. He does not hesitate to part her buttocks and observe the smaller passage, still asleep, and to awaken it by cautiously slipping in the end of his finger, and moving it in and out for a few moments.

- Time for practice. On your knees!

Harry is standing again and his sex is aimed at Beatrice’s mouth. She’s quick to grasp what is expected of her. Pleasant memories of mischievous games with William and Andrew return to herBR EV 10 04 mind. This is something she enjoys. The only novelty here is the impressive size of the penis she is going to have to swallow. Her left hand takes hold of it delicately, while her right hand feels the testicles and rolls them between its fingers. She slowly increases the pressure. She does not forget to raise her eyes and smile at the giant through his mask, while gently pulling back the foreskin. Her tongue glides lovingly up and down the shaft, descends to the testicles, sucking on them carefully, travels back up to the glans, teases it with the tip, then, her mouth wide open, slides it greedily between her lips to suck and pump on it with the greatest care. Her small teeth hold it from behind, where the fold is, and pull it slightly forwards, to hold it prisoner for a few moments, then take it deep inside her throat, as if she was going to swallow it whole. Surprised by the girl’s boldness, Harry attempts to pull back hurriedly, but she prevents him from so doing. Her cheeks full of the giant’s semen, she turns round and winks triumphantly at Lady Alexandra.

- Get down on all fours on the coffee table, with your legs spread, and look up at your mistress. I want her to see you come.

The maid obeys, her eyes damp. Her offered posture, back arched, buttocks taught, excites her. A gentle warmth spreads slowly through her. Her vulva swells and palpitates. Between her damp thighs, a few drops of dew fall from her little shaven pussy. The colossus meets no resistance and a wide beam spreads over the girl’s face when the powerful member sinks into her and begins to move BR EV 10 05steadily backwards and forwards. She can’t help stroking her breasts with one hand to enhance the vibrations electrifying their tips. The man has grabbed her by the hips, holding her firmly from behind. Every time, he pulls his cock out of her almost completely before thrusting it back all the way until he bumps into her, like a battering-ram. His thrusting grows stronger. Beatrice enjoys stimulating him. She pushes her buttocks backwards to better meet the member and tightens her muscles as hard as she can to keep him in the warm furrow she offers. She resists. She imposes her own rhythm. Finally, the winner isn’t the one that could be expected. The maid is thrilled when she feels him at last let go inside her.

- [Harry, out of breath] Stay right as you are, I’m not done with you.

Beatrice is still on all fours on the coffee table, panting. Drops of perspiration are running down her forehead and scarlet cheeks. She feels the giant’s hands move up between her legs, then, inside her, stroke her upwards to coat themselves with the liquid she is abundantly secreting. A finger slips in between her buttocks and begins gently massaging the entrance to the small brown orifice, to make it more pliable. The finger stretches it carefully and ends up by penetrating it. A second finger comes to the rescue to stretch it wider. The maid, who usually accepts this type of caress only with the utmost reluctance, goes tense, her eyes closed. When she feels the tip of the penis pressing up against her, she remembers her mistress’ advice (“Relax and cough, it’s only the very beginning that’s a little awkward, in a few moments, you’ll feel nothing any longer”). She cries out under the thrust but quickly takes a grip on herself. Harry is an expert. With the regular movements inside her, the initial pain is quickly replaced by a phase of relief, then of pleasure. SheBR EV 10 06 enjoys feeling impaled, powerlessly given over to the turgid member that pierces her, shakes her, pushes her forwards, sunk to the hilt, the testicles glued to her loins. The pace of the battering increases. Lady Alexandra smiles at the idea that her maid is doing all she can to tighten her grip on the shaft that runs through her. She was right; overpowered once again, the colossus grimaces and ends up by coming inside her with long spurts, hot and powerful.

- [Harry] I don’t know whom to congratulate first, the pupil or the teacher. The lass is most gifted. You should be satisfied with her, and your guests likewise.

- Beatrice, did you hear, that confirms what I thought, you’re good for service, come here and let me kiss you!

- Oh thank you, Madam, Madam is so kind, you cannot imagine how happy I am!

- [Harry] To make her really perfect, it would be wise to get her used to jutting her breasts by fixing clips on the nipples. I would also recommend that you have her behind stretched, she’s still a little narrow.

- You are quite right Harry, I’ll see to it.

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  • : Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
  • : 27/04/2010
  • Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
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  • : A few striking developments in the life of Beatrice, a debutant French maid who has recently entered the service of Lady Alexandra, her severe mistress.
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