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1253563056 United-Kingdom-flagIn short, the story of “Beatrice or the education of a young French maid” is as follows:


In her Devonshire manor, Lady Alexandra makes it a point of honour to personallyPhoto de couverture F205-22a train Beatrice, the 18-year old French maid she has recently hired as a servant. She is shaping her into a girlish libertine, scantily clad as a sexy and perverse teaser, who must learn how to walk elegantly while taking small steps and swinging her buttocks. Must clean the house half-naked, on all fours, her loins arched. Must, in male company, become equally proficient with wrist and tongue. Must caress women until they climax. Must attend to the desires of Madam’s guests, both upon and below the table. Must unleash their lust through lascive and shameless poses. Must submit to the examinations of lecherous assayers who impose large dildos upon her to make her more accommodating. All this to gradually make her into a true maid of all work, obedient and meek. Whenever required, and such a requirement is frequent, she is severely punished. Traditional methods of education are unequalled. There are spankings a-plenty. The tails of the flogger whistle. Lady Alexandra smiles. Impassive. She has all the time in the world. Such is the price of perfection.

1253562986 New-Caledonia-Flag[1]Remember! “Beatrice or the education of a young French maid” is the English version of “Béatrice ou l’éducation d’une jeune soubrette” which is posted on the following blog:

Two blogs for the same story, one in English, the other in French. Your choice!

The French serial is the original one. It is composed of a bit more than 50 chapters. A new chapter is published every month. Il you are familiar with French, I would strongly recommend this version as it provides a fuller idea of the story and also contains more photographs.

Conversely, the English version is a translation from the French and is so far limited to fourteen chapters (please see the summary in the right column herewith).

F191-22Irrespective of the language, let me briefly tell you first that this story couldn’t have ever occurred without the presence of Mistress Alexandra, the high class international domina. A few of us had the huge privilege to belong to the limited club of her favourites here in Paris. To this exceptional lady who unfortunately departed a few years ago, I would like to offer here a tribute of admiration, respect and deepest gratitude.

Let me also add that I had the great opportunity to meet Christophe Mourthé, the world famous photograph who worked for Vogue or Playboy and who has become the leader of the Fashion Fetish movement starting in the 90s. Christophe took wonderful photos and videos with Alexandra and considers she certainly had a substantial influence on his artistic activity. He has kindly allowed me to show a sample of his photos in my blog and I really appreciate this favour.

Finally, I must insist on the fact that the translation of “Béatrice” from French to English has been made available thanks to the kind cooperation of my friend Geoffrey whose Franco-British origins allow him to be perfectly at ease in both languages. As a former disciple of Mistress Alexandra, Geoffrey has quite understood what I meant throughout the lines of this long serial and perfectly conveyed its “erotico-literary” fragrance. I am very grateful to him for this “labour of love” as he once called it.

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BR EV 01 01The scene takes place at Glendale House. The living-room doors open onto the entrance hall, where applicants for a maid’s job, published the previous day in The Times, are waiting to be interviewed. Among them, Josette is sitting on a bench, her back straight. The girl interviewed before her returns in tears, a handkerchief in her hand. She’s the fifteenth that morning to leave the room in such a condition. Flegmatic but with a hint of mockery in his eye, George, the butler, leads Josette into the living room, closing the doors behind her. Lady Alexandra is seated at the far end of the room, her face stern. Lost in some dream, her bitch Diva lies at her feet. The young girl, paralyzed by fear, remains motionless on the threshold.

- Well, come here, I won’t eat you! [Feeling she is being watched, Josette moves forward cautiously]

- What is your name?

- Josette, Mistress

- Here, all servants call me Madam, is that clear?

- Yes, Madam

- My poor Josette, you’ve been out of luck with your parents! You cannot possibly retain such an absurd first name! In my home you will be known as [She thinks]… Justine, oBR EV 01 02r rather, no, Beatrice. Yes, that’s it, Beatrice. The right name for you. It has flavour, smacks of a good education, with a touch of bitchiness, your very image! And how old are you, Beatrice?

- Eighteen, Madam

- That’s perfect, I love youth. So do my guests. Have you already worked?

- No, Madam, this is my first job.

- Fine, I dislike bad habits! By hiring you still a virgin, as it were, I can train you as I see fit!

- I promise you to learn fast

- We shall see! Meanwhile, show me what you know! Walk to the door! Are you ready?

- Yes, Madam

- Wait a minute, hitch up the back of your skirt, high!

- But Madam!

- Silence, you silly goose! It is I who gives orders here, don’t have me repeat it! [Beatrice obeys and uncovers white cotton knickers, that deliciously mould her highly-set buttocks]

- Now, walk back towards me hitching up the front of your skirt. [Beatrice does so, uncovering the top of her white thighs and the mound of her pelvis through the material]

- You have pretty legs anBR EV 01 03d slender ankles. Tell me Beatrice, do you have relatives?

- No, Madam, I am an orphan.

- That’s perfect [aware of having blundered, she corrects herself at once] I mean so young, I am really sorry for you, that’s very sad. But don’t worry, you’ll never feel lonely for long, I’ll have you by my side at all times, right under my hand [smile] and I’ll look after you just like a mother.

- Thank you, Madam.

- Remove your skirt and your blouse! [Increasingly puzzled, Beatrice dares not move]. Now, lower your knickers to your knees and put your hands behind your back. Good gracious, we’ll have to shave all that off. Blandine will see to it. Turn round and lean forward. That’s better, that’s actually perfect, with curves like you have, you’re going to be a real success, my girl! By the way, have you already been spanked or flogged?

- Yes, Madam, often, when I was at school. [Lady Alexandra smiles]

- I knew it! And why were you punished?

- My teachers believed all I thought of was having fun and exciting the boys.

- By the way (Lady Alexandra’s fingers stray into the young girl’s pubic hair and gently part her nether lips), you must have a boyfriend?

- No, Madam.BR EV 01 04

- That’s fine, I prefer it that way, you won’t have your mind on other things! In any case, don’t you dare make passes at boys, is that understood?

- Yes, Madam.

- Remove your bra! [Beatrice reveals ample and firm breasts, with wide areolas and small, erect, nipples. Alexandra teases them. The young girl remains silent, apparently not displeased. The silence is suddenly broken by someone knocking at the door.]

- Come in! [Pretending to be surprised] Well, George, what is it?

- An urgent letter, Madam. [He respectfully proffers the message on a small silver plate and remains standing while she reads it. The butler’s eyes dwell at length on Beatrice’s nakedness. Lady Alexandra realizes but pretends to be absorbed in the letter, and lets a long silence build up in the room]

- There will be no answer, George. [He leaves].

- Well, Beatrice, you may get dressed. From now on, you will be my chambermaid.

- Oh, thank you, Madam!

- Don’t get high hopes too quickly, you don’t know what’s coming to you! I am hiring you for a trial period, we’ll see where we stand in three months. Then I will decide whether or not I can keep you.

- I will do the utmost to be wBR EV 01 05orthy of your trust, Madam.

- Well, do the utmost indeed, as I will be personally in charge of your training. Be warned, I am both very demanding and very strict. I want order, discipline and obedience. I intend to break you in until you are perfect; is that clear?

- Yes, Madam.

- You will be accommodated in the outbuildings, with the other servants. Don’t be surprised if your bedroom door cannot be locked, I have the right to enter at all times. There are no shutters either, this will oblige you to rise at dawn, nor any curtains, as I wish to watch you and have you watched permanently.

- Yes, Madam.

- You shall wash in cold water. It will work wonders for your complexion! No makeup, I’ll see to that whenever it’s required.

- Right, Madam.

- You’ll take your meals in the pantry, George will show you.

- Thank you, Madam.

- My servants are allowed out once a week, on Sundays, and I occasionBR EV 01 06ally grant them a little pocket money, when I consider it is deserved.

- Thank you, Madam.

- But I forbid you any visitors and I shall open your mail. Did you hear that?

- Yes, Madam.

- I forbid you to wear any personal clothing or anything other than your French maid’s uniform. Every morning, you will collect your linen for the day from me and show me the previous day’s linen, before washing it.

- Yes, Madam.

- You may leave. George will show you to your room. I expect you here tomorrow at 11 sharp for your first lesson.

- Right, Madam.

- Beatrice?

- Yes Madam [Alexandra tilts up her maid’s chin, moves her face closer and stares deep into the girl’s eyes]

- Beatrice, I have high expectations from you, don’t you dare disappoint me…

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BR EV 02 01Having run all the way, Beatrice reaches the entrance hall of the manor, quite out of breath. It’s five minutes past eleven (see previous episode). George, impassive, leads her into the living-room, where Lady Alexandra is waiting.

- Beatrice, have you seen the clock? This is the first and last time you are late, do you understand?

- Yes Madam, I apologize, Madam. [Her eyes are drawn to the yellow handle of a short-tailed leather flogger, lying on the pedestal table nearby.]

- Come here, I want you to listen very carefully to what I have to say, as I will not repeat it twice.

- Yes, Madam.

- You must know that the appearance of my French maids is of the utmost importance to me. You are to be immaculately dressed from morning till night. You will soon understand that I am particularly strict in this area and will admit no sloppiness. None whatsoever. Is that clear?

- Yes, Madam.

- Right. Now, remove these country bumpkin rags of yours, I wish to see them no longer. [Beatrice unbuttons her blouse, removes her grey skirt, her large clompy shoes and her woolen socks.]

- There, Madam.

- I told you to remove everything! [the young girl, ill at ease, feels obliged to unhook her bra. SheBR EV 02 02 lays it carefully on a chair, but keeps her knickers on.]

- Do you really want me to get angry? [The mistress reaches out for the flogger.]

- Oh no, Madam! [The maid hurriedly removes her knickers. She is now completely naked. Her hands clumsily hiding her intimacy, Lady Alexandra forces them behind the girl’s back and watches her for several minutes. Beatrice feels her heart beating wildly and her cheeks flushing red.]

- Give me also your necklace!

- But Madam, I never remove it!

- You shall obey, you insolent brat! [She noisily smacks her buttocks.]

- Yes, Madam [She hands over the necklace.]

- [Laughing] Don’t worry, you’ll get a much nicer one to replace it! [Someone knocks at the door]

- Come in! [Blandine enters the room]

- Excuse me, Madam. Could Madam please tell me how she intends to dress for this afternoon’s garden party? [The chambermaid scrutinizes the naked body of her new colleague with a critical eye. Upon seeing the finger marks on the girl’s buttocks, she smiles]

- Prepare my black suit, Blandine. No need for a blouse [Smile] By the way, let me introduce Beatrice, who is replacing our faithful Emilie. I rely upon you to show her everything she needs to know about BR EV 02 03this house. I am sure the two of you are going to get along fine [Blandine scowls at her new rival and leaves, slamming the door]

- Where were we? Ah yes, you must not remain like this! Come with me, I’ll choose some clothes for you. [Lady Alexandra leaves the living-room and leads her maid, stark naked, down a long passage to her boudoir]

- Let’s start by the top [She opens a chest of drawers] This black bodysuit should fit you. [She helps her maid pull it on over her head and shoulders, then to untwist the sleeves] Wait a moment. [She hooks the strap fast between her legs] Stand straight! Fine. Everyone can see your breasts through the material. Turn round! Splendid, it leaves your buttocks clear!

- Now, let’s look after the bottom. I must find you some underpants. This type should do fine. [She unfolds a model that is significantly indented over the thighs] Wait a moment, I have something better, just look at this delightful little string! [She shows her an ultra-mini sample in see-through black net]

- Oh, Madam, it’s lovely, may I try it on? [Beatrice puts it on and realizes it fits her like a glove]

- Perfect! You’ll be even cuter once shaved! [Beatrice admires herself in the looking-glass, takes poses and strokes her breasts] Will you please stand still!

- Yes, Madam, excuse me Madam. I feel completely naked, Madam!

- That’s just the way I want you, my pet, you’ll simply have to get used to it! Hold on to me!BR EV 02 04

Lady Alexandra removes a pair of fine black stockings from their bag, unfurls them carefully all the way down and shows them to Beatrice. The girl lifts one leg. Her mistress checks that the seam is properly aligned and rolls the stockings all the way up Beatrice’s thighs, checking that both are perfectly tight.

- Let’s turn to the corset, this is the main course, as it were!

Lady Alexandra picks out a black corset, very short, so as not to hinder her maid’s movements. She applies it on Beatrice’s chest, realizes it needs to be loosened slightly, lays it flat on her knees to adjust it, then places it once more and hooks it on completely in front. Beatrice digs in her stomach to help. Lady Alexandra then laces it as tightly as possible down the girl’s back, even using her knee as a prop. Pulled backwards, the maid holds on to the window-sill.

- I can hardly breathe, Madam!

- That’s nothing, in a couple of minutes, you’ll barely notice! You’d do better to look at the result! The narrowness of the waist emphasizes the curve of your hips. The small of your back is nicely arched. As for your breasts, just see how much higher they jut. They even offer their tips!

Lady Alexandra fixes the four suspenders, two on the front and two on the sides, to the stockings, while Beatrice remains passive like a doll and raises her eyes to the rows of shoes aligned on the shelves above her.

- I’ll never be able to stand on such high heels!

BR EV 02 05- Well, you’ll just have to learn! Sit down next to me and give me your leg. [She slips a pair of black platform pumps on to the girl’s feet] Watch carefully how to tie them. The straps must be crossed behind the ankle, not in front. There, stand up now and take a few steps. That’s much better, your figure is slimmer, your ankles and calves are taut, your legs look splendid!

- But I’m going to have great trouble walking, Madam!

- Precisely, by forcing you to take small steps, your shoes will remind you at all times that you are no longer free to move. You have become my slave, Beatrice, do you understand?

- Yes, Madam.

- And you’ll see, high heels will enhance you. By tilting you forwards, they’ll force you to hold your bust straight and to dig in your loins. I’ll show you how to swing your hips.

- Oh, yes, Madam!

- Put on this skirt.

She shows her an ultra-short one, in black leatherette, whose rigid folds fan out around her waist like the petals of a flower. A look in the mirror confirms that it’s just the right length. In front, it barely covers the stocking suspenders and behind, it ends just below the buttocks.

- Gloves! Never forget, Beatrice, class, elegance! At all times! [She helps her slip on a pair of arm-length black gloves]

- Yes, Madam

- I almost forgot an essential accessory. A French maid is naked without. [She fits a tiny white gathered apron, taking care to ensure that the wide, starched loops are properly separated behind, inBR EV 02 06 order to emphasize the girl’s curves, just like brightly colored ribbons around a birthday present]

- Do not neglect the smallest detail. [She carefully brushes the maid’s bob of hair] Gentlemen love blondes! [Smile] You’re still missing something. [She places an immaculate, crescent-shaped headdress on her head]

Lady Alexandra displays her maid before the looking-glass, hitches the front and back of her skirt, scrutinizing her carefully.

- Wait a moment, I had promised you a new necklace. [She places a dog collar round the girl’s neck]

- Oh thank you, Madam, it’s very pretty, but why is there a ring in the middle?

- You’ll soon see, my pet! Come along now, follow me to the living-room.

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BR EV 03 01The scene takes place in the small sitting room at Glendale House, where Lady Alexandra customarily retires to attend to her daily business and read, whenever she has a few minutes to spare, or to informally host passing visitors.

The room is located on the ground floor, and its high French windows open onto a sloping lawn, impeccably mown and still showing alternate stripes of pale and bright green. A couple of blackbirds hop around the grass, while the sunshine bathes the stone frontage and creeps indoors through the openings. In the wide rays of oblique light, that gently warm the floorboards, golden particles of dust dance slowly. The gentle murmur of a nearby fountain brings a touch of coolness to the atmosphere. A subtle fragrance of honeysuckle pervades the air and in a climbing rose tree, a half-open flower amplifies the busy humming of a bee.

- Beatrice, you must first and foremost learn to walk with grace and elegance.

- Yes, Madam.

- Walk to the window and back, slowly, taking small steps.

The maid is obviously not accustomed to wearing high-heeled pumps. She moves heavily and clumsily, on the verge of falling over.

- That’s no good at all, that’s even very bad. I didn’t tell you to take loBR EV 03 02ng strides. You look like a lumberjack! I said small steps, try again!

Beatrice walks back to the window, but she’s unsure of herself. When turning round, she twists her ankle, and just manages to right herself by grabbing the mantelpiece.

- Listen, Beatrice. I am very patient and have plenty of time, but you will not leave this room without knowing how to walk exactly as I wish, is that clear?

- Yes, Madam.

- Well, then, pay attention and show me you have understood.

The maid obeys. Her steps are smaller, but, afraid of falling, she dares not raise her feet from the ground and shuffles along as if she was moving on cloth pads.

- I didn’t ask you to polish the floor either! Really, I feel you are going to cause me trouble. Come here, we’ll try another method. I know a very efficient one!

Lady Alexandra grabs her maid by the wrist and, in a well-rehearsed gesture, tips the girl over her knees, her bust leaning forwards and her feet off the ground.

- A first-rate spanking, that’s just what you need to set the record straight! You’ll have to get used to it, there will be plenty of them with me! I’ll spank you as long as I need to, until I get exactly what I want!

Lady Alexandra lifts the maBR EV 03 03id’s skirt, to clear her knickers, and with her left hand, holds the girl’s arm tightly to prevent any resistance on her part. The spanking begins. The blows are applied firmly, neither too fast nor too slowly, upon each buttock in turn. Beatrice tries to wriggle away but her mistress, ignoring her protests, continues undeterred. After some sixty blows, she stops, however, and the maid, thinking the trial is over, stands up.

- Beatrice, who allowed you to stand up?

- But Madam…

- Get back into position at once. This was a mere warm-up, you have seen nothing yet, my pet. Have you forgotten what a normal spanking is like?

- Oh no, Madam!

- Watch out, if you compel me to remind you, you’ll pay even more dearly!

- Oh, no Madam. They’re given with knickers down, Madam!

- Fine, I see your memory serves you better in case of need! Now repeat after me: “Madam, I have amply deserved to be punished and I beg you to give me a very severe spanking with my knickers down.”

Beatrice, her cheeks flushed and with tears in her eyes, repeats the sentence half-heartedly.

- Fine, you ask me so nicely!

An expert in the art of staging, Lady Alexandra takes her time. She first strokes the curves facing her, gently exploring the satin texture of the skin, then, with the tip of her long lacquered nails, she delicately pulls down the elastic belt of the knickers, lowering them half-BR EV 03 04way down the girl’s thighs, to that very place where the maid will experience both the degrading feeling of her posture and the exasperating absence of her ultimate piece of clothing.

Someone knocks at the door. It’s Andrew. The unexpected arrival of the gardener provides an opportunity for the mistress of the house to keep him in the room and further humiliate Beatrice by starting to spank her again before him. The maid squirms frantically, enraged at feeling thus exposed to a man.

- Come in, Andrew, you’re right on time, I want you to change all the bouquets. For once, try to show some originality! I want huge crimson sprays, just like this young lady’s buttocks!

- [Puzzled] Yes, Madam

The blows resume in series of ten, with a pause in between, each time leading the maid to believe her ordeal is over. Lady Alexandra takes care to apply a uniform hue to the girl’s red behind. She struggles and wiggles, spreads her legs and immodestly exposes her most intimate parts. Having first slipped down to her knees, her knickers are now tangled around her ankles. Andrew, while pretending to be absorbed in his flower arrangements, enjoys every bit of the scene. Defeated, Beatrice finally breaks into sobs. The mistress of the house, impatiently awaiting that moment, cannot help celebrating her victory by continuing the punishment for several more minutes.

- That’s enough, you may stand. What do you say?

- [Hiccuping] Thank you, MadBR EV 03 05am.

- Put your hands on your head! Repeat after me: “I thank Madam to have been particularly lenient this time. I shall continue to be very severely punished until Madam is totally satisfied”.

Pretending to study the result of her handiwork, Lady Alexandra turns her maid round to face the gardener. Pleading an urgent order to be given, she walks out of the room, leaving the girl in that position.

- [Returning five minutes later] Where were we, Beatrice? Ah yes, get dressed and let’s resume the lesson. Remember what I told you!

Beatrice begins to walk with more confidence. The bottom of her skirt barely hides the redness of her thighs. She’s all the sweeter, while she practices taking small steps and slightly raising her knees. After a few attempts, something clicks. The maid suddenly feels much more comfortable, and walks up and down the room several times in a row.

- There we are, that’s much better, I knew you’d understand in the end! Now, do it again! Remember to keep your head upright, your eyes down, throw out your chest and arch your loins.

- Yes, Madam.

- Wait, I’ll tie your wrists and your arms behind your back. This will force you to find your balance and throw out your chest.

Beatrice walks up and down again, delighted with her discovery. She smiles at herself in the looking-glass and admires her figure when turning round, encouraged by a knowing look fBR EV 03 06rom Lady Alexandra.

- Try to swing your hips and buttocks just a little. Yes, that’s it, don’t overdo it, now come back towards me, it’s nice to feel your body swaying, isn’t it?

- Oh yes, Madam!

- Imagine that all the men present are ogling the small of your back!

- Oh yes, Madam, thank you Madam!

- I knew you’d enjoy it, you little bitch! Stay there, I’ll open the door, I want to watch you walk all the way to the front door.

Beatrice walks across the impeccably polished, black and white checkered floor. Behind her back, the prim loops of her apron follow the delicious movements of her skirt, taut over her plump buttocks. She moves away. She cannot see the broad smile on Lady Alexandra’s face.

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BR EV 04 01Like every morning, Beatrice, who has donned her French maid’s uniform, goes to the small sitting room to take orders from her mistress.

- Beatrice, you are not to take small steps only in my presence and to please me, but at all times, even if I am not around, do you understand?

- Yes, Madam.

- Well, if you understand, do so. Blandine tells me that you frequently tend to “forget”.

- [Muttering] Oh, that one, she’s really rubbing me up the wrong way.

- Did you say something, Beatrice?

- No, Madam.

- I thought you did [Smile]. Beatrice, when I speak to you, I want you to stand dead straight in front of me, your legs together, your arms along your body and your eyes down. Don’t forget to throw out your chest and to keep your buttocks jutting.

- Yes, Madam

- Show me how you are dressed.

Lady Alexandra carefully inspects her maid’s uniform. She walks around the girl, hitches her skirt back and front to check that she is indeed wearing the clothes she was given, that nothing is missing and that no detail has been overlooked (stockings pulled tight, their seams straight, suspenders properly positioned, immaculate headdress, apron loops neatly placed…)BR EV 04 02

- Have you seen the hem of your apron, it’s all creased. You will at once put on another and iron that one. I won’t tell you twice!

- Yes, Madam.

- And what’s more, it seems you have put on some perfume?

- Just a whiff of eau de toilette, Madam.

- Beatrice, I told you the day you arrived that there is to be no makeup, no perfume, no eau de toilette, nothing. Quite simply, nothing! I alone shall look after your makeup, in my own way and when I see fit.

- Yes, Madam.

- Raise your arms! That’s just what I feared, you have done nothing, and you seem to think you can remain like this, hairy as a monkey? Do you think this a pleasant sight?

- No, Madam.

- I want you to shave completely, do you hear, completely, arms, legs, sex, everything. And watch out, I’ll check and if need be, I’ll shave you myself or rather, no, just to shame you, I’ll have you shaved by George. I’m sure he’d be delighted!

- Oh no, Madam, I’d rather do it myself.

- I warn you, Beatrice, you will be closely examined every morning before starting your work and beware if your appearance is not impeccable!

- Yes, Madam.

- Now, let’s turn to your work. To start with, Blandine will show you what there is to do. Afterwards, BR EV 04 03you can both agree on how to organize things. I want no trouble whatsoever between the two of you.

- Yes, Madam.

- I wish my house to be spotless, from the cellar to the loft. The furniture and the floors must shine. The silver and glassware must be immaculate. Meals are to be served on time, linen washed and ironed, clothes neatly tidied away, beds clean and well made, bathrooms scrubbed, rooms aired, windows stainless…

- Yes, Madam

- To begin with, polish the legs of this armchair with a rag. [The maid, believing it’s the right thing to do, half-kneels to be at the proper height]. Not like that, Beatrice! Keep your legs straight and bend only the top of your body. Yes, I know, it’s tiring, but you’ll get used to it and it’s so much nicer to watch!

Leaning forwards, the maid offers an unhindered view of her naked thighs, above her black stockings, and of the firm outline of her shapely buttocks.

- Did you think of cleaning the top of the picture frames?

- No, Madam, they’re too high and you can’t see the top!

- Well, precisely, that’s just what we shall see. I give orders here, so please climb on this fine stool at once!

The maid climbs on the highest steps, displaying the skimpy remains of her intiBR EV 04 04macy. Lady Alexandra silently imagines how she can take advantage of the girl’s situation when future guests are present.

- [Beatrice, pointing at the picture she is dusting] Who’s this fat lump of a woman on the picture?

- Shut up, you impertinent brat, and spare me your remarks! A servant does not speak that way and waits until she is spoken to!

- Yes, Madam.

- Instead of talking nonsense, check for dust under the chest of drawers, do you think it’s up to me to remove it?

- No, Madam.

- Well then, get down to it, lazy girl!

First kneeling, then on all fours, Beatrice squeezes in under the piece of furniture to reach its most distant corners. In that position, she cannot help displaying her appetizing BR EV 04 05cleavage, while behind, the edge of her underpants is caught tight between her buttocks.

- Continue, lean forwards, there’s still some dust.

- There, Madam.

- What about the top?

- It’s already been done, Madam.

- Are you sure?

Lady Alexandra stands up, removes a white glove from a drawer in her desk, slips it ceremoniously onto her right hand, carefully fitting each finger, then moves towards the cherry-wood chest of drawers. Two silver chandeliers stand on top of it. Beatrice, frightened, keeps her eyes on that merciless finger, that fatal instrument, meticulously exploring the surface of the chest, picking up each object. Having completed her examination, the mistress of the house turns around slowly and, triumphantly, waves her white finger, coated in dust.

- Is that what you mean by cleaning thoroughly?

- But Madam, it was Blandine’s job!

- Lazy and a liar on top of it, you really disappoint meBR EV 04 06, you know. Come here, I’ll cure you from the nasty habit of telling tales!

Lady Alexandra places a chair in the centre of the room and orders her servant to lean over the back of it. Collecting four red leather bracelets from a box, she ties the girls’ ankles to the legs of the chair, at the back, and her wrists to the bars, in front. The height of the chair forces the maid to keep her legs straight and the angle of her bust forces her buttocks to jut outwards. The mistress of the house hitches the back of Beatrice’s skirt as high as possible and inserts the hem under the strings of her apron.

- You still insist it’s Blandine’s fault? [Without awaiting the servant’s answer, she pulls her knickers down sharply].

- Oh no, Madam, I apologize, Madam, I lied to you.

- Liars are flogged, that’s all they deserve! Spread your thighs!

Sliding her hand in from behind, Lady Alexandra feels the girl’s thighs, damp with fear. Excited, she carefully unfolds the swollen little sex and strokes it at length with the tip of her long fingers.

- Oh no, Madam, stop, I beg you!

The mistress of the house grabs a gag and forces it into the maid’s mouth, then, with a large smile, she picks up the flogger that George, the butler, who has just appeared out of nowhere, proffers on a tray, his eyes bright.

- It’s for your own good, my pet, one day, you’ll thank me.

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  • : Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
  • : 27/04/2010
  • Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
  • :
  • : A few striking developments in the life of Beatrice, a debutant French maid who has recently entered the service of Lady Alexandra, her severe mistress.
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