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BR EV 13 01Sitting before her dressing-table, Lady Alexandra is getting ready for dinner. Beatrice stands next to her, fascinated by the mirror where she watches her mistress line the inside of her eyelids with a pencil, then brush her lashes with an “ultra volume” mascara, before completing the task by arranging her fringe of fair hair.

- Beatrice, you know that my friends Gisèle and Pierre are coming to dinner?

- Yes Madam, George warned me.

- They come from Martinique.

- Where women are meek, Madam?

- Instead of joking, come closer! [Lady Alexandra takes a powder puff and applies an embellishing blush in small circular touches to her maid’s cheekbones]

- Oh, thank you, Madam.

- Wait, that was for the upper cheeks. I must also look after the nether ones!

She tips the girl over her knees, bust leaning forwards, feet off the ground, hitches her skirt and without giving her time for thought, thoroughly spanks her until a fine scarlet colour spreads evenly in two symetrical circles all over her curvaceous shapes.

- Pink cheeks and crimson buttocks, my friends are going to love this! Now, stand up, and arrange your clothing, I want you spick and span! You’ll help Blandine serve drinks.

Nettled by having to share the stage with her rival, but secretly happy with this oportunity to put herself at an advantage before Blandine, the maid takes meticulous care iBR EV 13 02n arranging her garments. In pulling up her stockings. Turning around, in checking that the seams are dead straight. From the corner of her eye, Lady Alexandra smiles at seeing her pull the edges of her underpants over her hips to indent them as much as possible back and front. In adjusting the half-cups of her bra to uplift her breasts and display the tips of her nipples. In gracefully flaring out, corolla-like, the folds of her black skirt. In hitching it just a trifle to the right height. To hide hardly at all while showing a-plenty. In straightening her tiny white apron round the front. In arranging its loops round the back. While Beatrice’s mistress has her back turned on her, the girl pulls her tongue at her and winks delightedly at the mirror.

- That’s fine, now follow me and above all, don’t forget the three “s” rule: silent, smiling, sexy!

Lady Alexandra rises, fixes a silver leash to her maid’s neck, assorted to the dog collar, and hauls her along the passage, all the way to the double doors leading into the small sitting room. Throwing them BR EV 13 03open, in a theatrical gesture, she goes up to the window, beaming.

- Let me introduce Beatrice.

Bowing, the maid makes a brief curstey. Gisèle, a tall, energetic and smiling woman, watches her with amusement, while Pierre, his eyes bright, scrutinizes her shape. She reminds him of drawings by John Willie and Eric Stanton. Wearing a black and white vinyl leotard and a small apron, Blandine, discreet and redheaded, stands in the background.

- Turn round! [Lady Alexandra hitches the back of her maid’s skirt and, forcing her to lean forwards, displays her scarlet buttocks] Gisèle, come and touch them, feel how soft and smooth they are.

- [Gisèle moves up] Incredible, real baby’s skin. And with such a colour, they’re even more beautiful! Do you often punish her?

- Oh yes, almost every day, and sometimes even several times a day. I wonder when it will end. She reminds me of Diva in the early days. It took time, but I succeeded! [On hearing her name, the poodle opens an arched eyelid, casts a look at her mistress and reverts at once to her daydreaming, nose along the floor] Stand up straight and show your profile. Yes, that’s it, dead straight, arch yourBR EV 13 04 loins and make your breasts jut out! Go on!

- [Pierre] She’s quite stunning!

- [Lady Alexandra] Now face us and hitch up your skirt! [Beatrice hesitates] Will you obey? [She grabs the hem and lifts it] Hold it high! Higher still! [The guests discover her suspenders, impeccably tight at the top of her naked thighs]

- [Pierre] Delightful! I feel Miss Beatrice has a large clitoris! [Laughter] In any case, her legs are splendid!

- [Lady Alexandra] Move to the door [The maid obeys, taking care to walk in small steps, swaying slightly, loins and shoulders thrown back] About turn! [On the way, Beatrice steals a glance at the full-length looking-glass. The guests exchange lenient and knowing smiles] That’s enough, come back and serve us some champagne.

The maid picks a bottle, wrapped in a white cloth, out of a metal ice bucket and prepares to pour the first glass when she notices with surprise that the bottle is three-quarters empty. Everyone stares at Blandine.

- Now Blandine, what on earth is going on? Have you lost your head? How do you dare offer this old, stale Bricout?

The maid, ill at ease, starts mumbling a half-baked explanation. Instead of convincing the mistress of the house, this irritates her even further. While the storm erupts, Beatrice, delighted with an incident that puts her colleague in trouble, slinks up to her and murmurs in her ear:

- Tall girl but small brain!

BR EV 13 05Blandine scowls but Beatrice promptly turns round and, acting the perfect maid, presents the glasses to her mistress. The latter has heard everything. Once the girl has finished serving, she beckons her forward and slips into her mouth the gag fitted with a very short but enormously wide glans. She delights in hearing her suck on it.

- This will teach you to talk nonsense! Hurry up and serve the rest, we’re dying of hunger!

The maid soon reappears bearing a large silver tray of assorted canapes, hand-held quiches, mini-pizzas, cherry tomatoes, extraordinary breads, mini-sandwiches, bowls of olives and cashew nuts, and coloured sauces made with tapenade, guacamole and pickled peppers. She leans forwards as far as she can, while keeping her legs dead straight, as taught to by her mistress, and remains concentrated so as not to stumble. Between two jokes, the guests pretend to hesitate, just to keep her by their side and enjoy the sight of the charms she displays. While she moves around, a hand sidles up behind her skirt to stroke her buttocks. Another, in front, explores the top of her thighs.

- [Lady Alexandra] Spread your legs!

Beatrice obeys and feels some fingers slide in between her damp thighs, then move under her knickers to soak in the warmth of her sex. The mistress of the house enjoys the scene in silence. Happy. Her friends’ pleasure is her own. While greedily picking up a tarama-cucumber canape with her cocktail stick, she flouts her maid. The latter, leaning forwards, gazes back boldly into Lady Alexandra’s eyes. Next to her, Pierre, battling with a slice of sausage whose skin is not properly severed from the next one, questions Blandine:

- I don’t understand. I had cut them all properly, they must have been glued back together!

This unexpected reply causes widespread laughter. Meanwhile, wriggling and changing positionsBR EV 13 06 constantly to escape the groping hands, Beatrice ends up by twisting her ankle. Blandine grabs the opportunity to get her own back:

- People who don’t know how to walk shouldn’t wear stilettos!

- [Lady Alexandra] Will you please stop quarelling! Blandine, keep your comments to yourself, as for you, Beatrice, put that tray down and come here next to me. Wait, I’ll remove your gag. Stay quiet, keep your eyes down and hitch the front of your skirt!

- [Gisèle, lenient] Your two maids are quite charming!

- [Pierre, more critical] I do find that Blandine has accumulated mischief tonight!

- [Beatrice, incapable of keeping silent] So do I!

- [Lady Alexandra] I can’t believe it! Listen to this silly goose! Has anyone asked for your advice? To begin with, both of you will be punished and as a matter of fact we’ll start with you, Beatrice. Get down on all fours, you’re going to become acquainted with Gisèle’s paws. We’ll soon see if you still think Carribean women are meek!

- Oh no, Madam, please!

- Obey and keep quiet! Just a second, Gisèle, let me remove her knickers, I will stroke her front while you spank her buttocks. Don’t hesitate to hit hard, she deserves it! Pierre, do make yourself comfortable. Miss Beatrice will be delighted to bestow a small favour upon you!

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  • : Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
  • : 27/04/2010
  • Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
  • :
  • : A few striking developments in the life of Beatrice, a debutant French maid who has recently entered the service of Lady Alexandra, her severe mistress.
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