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1253563056 United-Kingdom-flagIn short, the story of “Beatrice or the education of a young French maid” is as follows:


In her Devonshire manor, Lady Alexandra makes it a point of honour to personallyPhoto de couverture F205-22a train Beatrice, the 18-year old French maid she has recently hired as a servant. She is shaping her into a girlish libertine, scantily clad as a sexy and perverse teaser, who must learn how to walk elegantly while taking small steps and swinging her buttocks. Must clean the house half-naked, on all fours, her loins arched. Must, in male company, become equally proficient with wrist and tongue. Must caress women until they climax. Must attend to the desires of Madam’s guests, both upon and below the table. Must unleash their lust through lascive and shameless poses. Must submit to the examinations of lecherous assayers who impose large dildos upon her to make her more accommodating. All this to gradually make her into a true maid of all work, obedient and meek. Whenever required, and such a requirement is frequent, she is severely punished. Traditional methods of education are unequalled. There are spankings a-plenty. The tails of the flogger whistle. Lady Alexandra smiles. Impassive. She has all the time in the world. Such is the price of perfection.

1253562986 New-Caledonia-Flag[1]Remember! “Beatrice or the education of a young French maid” is the English version of “Béatrice ou l’éducation d’une jeune soubrette” which is posted on the following blog:

Two blogs for the same story, one in English, the other in French. Your choice!

The French serial is the original one. It is composed of a bit more than 50 chapters. A new chapter is published every month. Il you are familiar with French, I would strongly recommend this version as it provides a fuller idea of the story and also contains more photographs.

Conversely, the English version is a translation from the French and is so far limited to fourteen chapters (please see the summary in the right column herewith).

F191-22Irrespective of the language, let me briefly tell you first that this story couldn’t have ever occurred without the presence of Mistress Alexandra, the high class international domina. A few of us had the huge privilege to belong to the limited club of her favourites here in Paris. To this exceptional lady who unfortunately departed a few years ago, I would like to offer here a tribute of admiration, respect and deepest gratitude.

Let me also add that I had the great opportunity to meet Christophe Mourthé, the world famous photograph who worked for Vogue or Playboy and who has become the leader of the Fashion Fetish movement starting in the 90s. Christophe took wonderful photos and videos with Alexandra and considers she certainly had a substantial influence on his artistic activity. He has kindly allowed me to show a sample of his photos in my blog and I really appreciate this favour.

Finally, I must insist on the fact that the translation of “Béatrice” from French to English has been made available thanks to the kind cooperation of my friend Geoffrey whose Franco-British origins allow him to be perfectly at ease in both languages. As a former disciple of Mistress Alexandra, Geoffrey has quite understood what I meant throughout the lines of this long serial and perfectly conveyed its “erotico-literary” fragrance. I am very grateful to him for this “labour of love” as he once called it.

Par Beatrice
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  • : Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
  • : 27/04/2010
  • Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
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  • : A few striking developments in the life of Beatrice, a debutant French maid who has recently entered the service of Lady Alexandra, her severe mistress.
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