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BR EV 01 01The scene takes place at Glendale House. The living-room doors open onto the entrance hall, where applicants for a maid’s job, published the previous day in The Times, are waiting to be interviewed. Among them, Josette is sitting on a bench, her back straight. The girl interviewed before her returns in tears, a handkerchief in her hand. She’s the fifteenth that morning to leave the room in such a condition. Flegmatic but with a hint of mockery in his eye, George, the butler, leads Josette into the living room, closing the doors behind her. Lady Alexandra is seated at the far end of the room, her face stern. Lost in some dream, her bitch Diva lies at her feet. The young girl, paralyzed by fear, remains motionless on the threshold.

- Well, come here, I won’t eat you! [Feeling she is being watched, Josette moves forward cautiously]

- What is your name?

- Josette, Mistress

- Here, all servants call me Madam, is that clear?

- Yes, Madam

- My poor Josette, you’ve been out of luck with your parents! You cannot possibly retain such an absurd first name! In my home you will be known as [She thinks]… Justine, oBR EV 01 02r rather, no, Beatrice. Yes, that’s it, Beatrice. The right name for you. It has flavour, smacks of a good education, with a touch of bitchiness, your very image! And how old are you, Beatrice?

- Eighteen, Madam

- That’s perfect, I love youth. So do my guests. Have you already worked?

- No, Madam, this is my first job.

- Fine, I dislike bad habits! By hiring you still a virgin, as it were, I can train you as I see fit!

- I promise you to learn fast

- We shall see! Meanwhile, show me what you know! Walk to the door! Are you ready?

- Yes, Madam

- Wait a minute, hitch up the back of your skirt, high!

- But Madam!

- Silence, you silly goose! It is I who gives orders here, don’t have me repeat it! [Beatrice obeys and uncovers white cotton knickers, that deliciously mould her highly-set buttocks]

- Now, walk back towards me hitching up the front of your skirt. [Beatrice does so, uncovering the top of her white thighs and the mound of her pelvis through the material]

- You have pretty legs anBR EV 01 03d slender ankles. Tell me Beatrice, do you have relatives?

- No, Madam, I am an orphan.

- That’s perfect [aware of having blundered, she corrects herself at once] I mean so young, I am really sorry for you, that’s very sad. But don’t worry, you’ll never feel lonely for long, I’ll have you by my side at all times, right under my hand [smile] and I’ll look after you just like a mother.

- Thank you, Madam.

- Remove your skirt and your blouse! [Increasingly puzzled, Beatrice dares not move]. Now, lower your knickers to your knees and put your hands behind your back. Good gracious, we’ll have to shave all that off. Blandine will see to it. Turn round and lean forward. That’s better, that’s actually perfect, with curves like you have, you’re going to be a real success, my girl! By the way, have you already been spanked or flogged?

- Yes, Madam, often, when I was at school. [Lady Alexandra smiles]

- I knew it! And why were you punished?

- My teachers believed all I thought of was having fun and exciting the boys.

- By the way (Lady Alexandra’s fingers stray into the young girl’s pubic hair and gently part her nether lips), you must have a boyfriend?

- No, Madam.BR EV 01 04

- That’s fine, I prefer it that way, you won’t have your mind on other things! In any case, don’t you dare make passes at boys, is that understood?

- Yes, Madam.

- Remove your bra! [Beatrice reveals ample and firm breasts, with wide areolas and small, erect, nipples. Alexandra teases them. The young girl remains silent, apparently not displeased. The silence is suddenly broken by someone knocking at the door.]

- Come in! [Pretending to be surprised] Well, George, what is it?

- An urgent letter, Madam. [He respectfully proffers the message on a small silver plate and remains standing while she reads it. The butler’s eyes dwell at length on Beatrice’s nakedness. Lady Alexandra realizes but pretends to be absorbed in the letter, and lets a long silence build up in the room]

- There will be no answer, George. [He leaves].

- Well, Beatrice, you may get dressed. From now on, you will be my chambermaid.

- Oh, thank you, Madam!

- Don’t get high hopes too quickly, you don’t know what’s coming to you! I am hiring you for a trial period, we’ll see where we stand in three months. Then I will decide whether or not I can keep you.

- I will do the utmost to be wBR EV 01 05orthy of your trust, Madam.

- Well, do the utmost indeed, as I will be personally in charge of your training. Be warned, I am both very demanding and very strict. I want order, discipline and obedience. I intend to break you in until you are perfect; is that clear?

- Yes, Madam.

- You will be accommodated in the outbuildings, with the other servants. Don’t be surprised if your bedroom door cannot be locked, I have the right to enter at all times. There are no shutters either, this will oblige you to rise at dawn, nor any curtains, as I wish to watch you and have you watched permanently.

- Yes, Madam.

- You shall wash in cold water. It will work wonders for your complexion! No makeup, I’ll see to that whenever it’s required.

- Right, Madam.

- You’ll take your meals in the pantry, George will show you.

- Thank you, Madam.

- My servants are allowed out once a week, on Sundays, and I occasionBR EV 01 06ally grant them a little pocket money, when I consider it is deserved.

- Thank you, Madam.

- But I forbid you any visitors and I shall open your mail. Did you hear that?

- Yes, Madam.

- I forbid you to wear any personal clothing or anything other than your French maid’s uniform. Every morning, you will collect your linen for the day from me and show me the previous day’s linen, before washing it.

- Yes, Madam.

- You may leave. George will show you to your room. I expect you here tomorrow at 11 sharp for your first lesson.

- Right, Madam.

- Beatrice?

- Yes Madam [Alexandra tilts up her maid’s chin, moves her face closer and stares deep into the girl’s eyes]

- Beatrice, I have high expectations from you, don’t you dare disappoint me…

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  • : Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
  • : 27/04/2010
  • Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
  • :
  • : A few striking developments in the life of Beatrice, a debutant French maid who has recently entered the service of Lady Alexandra, her severe mistress.
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