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BR EV 02 01Having run all the way, Beatrice reaches the entrance hall of the manor, quite out of breath. It’s five minutes past eleven (see previous episode). George, impassive, leads her into the living-room, where Lady Alexandra is waiting.

- Beatrice, have you seen the clock? This is the first and last time you are late, do you understand?

- Yes Madam, I apologize, Madam. [Her eyes are drawn to the yellow handle of a short-tailed leather flogger, lying on the pedestal table nearby.]

- Come here, I want you to listen very carefully to what I have to say, as I will not repeat it twice.

- Yes, Madam.

- You must know that the appearance of my French maids is of the utmost importance to me. You are to be immaculately dressed from morning till night. You will soon understand that I am particularly strict in this area and will admit no sloppiness. None whatsoever. Is that clear?

- Yes, Madam.

- Right. Now, remove these country bumpkin rags of yours, I wish to see them no longer. [Beatrice unbuttons her blouse, removes her grey skirt, her large clompy shoes and her woolen socks.]

- There, Madam.

- I told you to remove everything! [the young girl, ill at ease, feels obliged to unhook her bra. SheBR EV 02 02 lays it carefully on a chair, but keeps her knickers on.]

- Do you really want me to get angry? [The mistress reaches out for the flogger.]

- Oh no, Madam! [The maid hurriedly removes her knickers. She is now completely naked. Her hands clumsily hiding her intimacy, Lady Alexandra forces them behind the girl’s back and watches her for several minutes. Beatrice feels her heart beating wildly and her cheeks flushing red.]

- Give me also your necklace!

- But Madam, I never remove it!

- You shall obey, you insolent brat! [She noisily smacks her buttocks.]

- Yes, Madam [She hands over the necklace.]

- [Laughing] Don’t worry, you’ll get a much nicer one to replace it! [Someone knocks at the door]

- Come in! [Blandine enters the room]

- Excuse me, Madam. Could Madam please tell me how she intends to dress for this afternoon’s garden party? [The chambermaid scrutinizes the naked body of her new colleague with a critical eye. Upon seeing the finger marks on the girl’s buttocks, she smiles]

- Prepare my black suit, Blandine. No need for a blouse [Smile] By the way, let me introduce Beatrice, who is replacing our faithful Emilie. I rely upon you to show her everything she needs to know about BR EV 02 03this house. I am sure the two of you are going to get along fine [Blandine scowls at her new rival and leaves, slamming the door]

- Where were we? Ah yes, you must not remain like this! Come with me, I’ll choose some clothes for you. [Lady Alexandra leaves the living-room and leads her maid, stark naked, down a long passage to her boudoir]

- Let’s start by the top [She opens a chest of drawers] This black bodysuit should fit you. [She helps her maid pull it on over her head and shoulders, then to untwist the sleeves] Wait a moment. [She hooks the strap fast between her legs] Stand straight! Fine. Everyone can see your breasts through the material. Turn round! Splendid, it leaves your buttocks clear!

- Now, let’s look after the bottom. I must find you some underpants. This type should do fine. [She unfolds a model that is significantly indented over the thighs] Wait a moment, I have something better, just look at this delightful little string! [She shows her an ultra-mini sample in see-through black net]

- Oh, Madam, it’s lovely, may I try it on? [Beatrice puts it on and realizes it fits her like a glove]

- Perfect! You’ll be even cuter once shaved! [Beatrice admires herself in the looking-glass, takes poses and strokes her breasts] Will you please stand still!

- Yes, Madam, excuse me Madam. I feel completely naked, Madam!

- That’s just the way I want you, my pet, you’ll simply have to get used to it! Hold on to me!BR EV 02 04

Lady Alexandra removes a pair of fine black stockings from their bag, unfurls them carefully all the way down and shows them to Beatrice. The girl lifts one leg. Her mistress checks that the seam is properly aligned and rolls the stockings all the way up Beatrice’s thighs, checking that both are perfectly tight.

- Let’s turn to the corset, this is the main course, as it were!

Lady Alexandra picks out a black corset, very short, so as not to hinder her maid’s movements. She applies it on Beatrice’s chest, realizes it needs to be loosened slightly, lays it flat on her knees to adjust it, then places it once more and hooks it on completely in front. Beatrice digs in her stomach to help. Lady Alexandra then laces it as tightly as possible down the girl’s back, even using her knee as a prop. Pulled backwards, the maid holds on to the window-sill.

- I can hardly breathe, Madam!

- That’s nothing, in a couple of minutes, you’ll barely notice! You’d do better to look at the result! The narrowness of the waist emphasizes the curve of your hips. The small of your back is nicely arched. As for your breasts, just see how much higher they jut. They even offer their tips!

Lady Alexandra fixes the four suspenders, two on the front and two on the sides, to the stockings, while Beatrice remains passive like a doll and raises her eyes to the rows of shoes aligned on the shelves above her.

- I’ll never be able to stand on such high heels!

BR EV 02 05- Well, you’ll just have to learn! Sit down next to me and give me your leg. [She slips a pair of black platform pumps on to the girl’s feet] Watch carefully how to tie them. The straps must be crossed behind the ankle, not in front. There, stand up now and take a few steps. That’s much better, your figure is slimmer, your ankles and calves are taut, your legs look splendid!

- But I’m going to have great trouble walking, Madam!

- Precisely, by forcing you to take small steps, your shoes will remind you at all times that you are no longer free to move. You have become my slave, Beatrice, do you understand?

- Yes, Madam.

- And you’ll see, high heels will enhance you. By tilting you forwards, they’ll force you to hold your bust straight and to dig in your loins. I’ll show you how to swing your hips.

- Oh, yes, Madam!

- Put on this skirt.

She shows her an ultra-short one, in black leatherette, whose rigid folds fan out around her waist like the petals of a flower. A look in the mirror confirms that it’s just the right length. In front, it barely covers the stocking suspenders and behind, it ends just below the buttocks.

- Gloves! Never forget, Beatrice, class, elegance! At all times! [She helps her slip on a pair of arm-length black gloves]

- Yes, Madam

- I almost forgot an essential accessory. A French maid is naked without. [She fits a tiny white gathered apron, taking care to ensure that the wide, starched loops are properly separated behind, inBR EV 02 06 order to emphasize the girl’s curves, just like brightly colored ribbons around a birthday present]

- Do not neglect the smallest detail. [She carefully brushes the maid’s bob of hair] Gentlemen love blondes! [Smile] You’re still missing something. [She places an immaculate, crescent-shaped headdress on her head]

Lady Alexandra displays her maid before the looking-glass, hitches the front and back of her skirt, scrutinizing her carefully.

- Wait a moment, I had promised you a new necklace. [She places a dog collar round the girl’s neck]

- Oh thank you, Madam, it’s very pretty, but why is there a ring in the middle?

- You’ll soon see, my pet! Come along now, follow me to the living-room.

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  • : Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
  • : 27/04/2010
  • Beatrice or the education of a young French maid
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  • : A few striking developments in the life of Beatrice, a debutant French maid who has recently entered the service of Lady Alexandra, her severe mistress.
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